Geert Roks

Bitalino EMG Armband

3D printed enclosures for Bitalino EMG sensors

This project was a part of my bachelor internship that took place at Goldsmiths, University of London. There I joint the Embodied AudioVisual Interaction Group (EAVI) under supervision of professor Atau Tanaka.

I was assigned to design a new enclosure for the Bitalino EMG sensor. An EMG (electromyography) sensor senses the electrical activity in a muscle. The previous enclosure was not very comfortable to wear and was only able to be worn on the arm. It also had a fixed amount of sensors. The new enclosure had to be able to place any number of sensors on any muscle of the body.

I designed, printed and tested many prototypes to finally settle on a “twist and lock” design. It is very compact and has no sharp edge that stick into the body. The enclosures have a hole on the back that allows them to be strung on an elastic band and be put anywhere on the body.

During this project I learned a lot about 3D modeling, 3D printing and prototyping.

Final enclosure design with space for a long Bitalino EMG sensor and a Bitalino accelerometer single enclosure

Design in Fusion 360 design in Fusion 360

First version of a finished armband with 4 EMG sensors finished armband

During the process I made a lot of prototypes prototypes

An EMG case with the EAVI logo as tribute to the Embodied AudioVisual Interaction group were I got to do my internship eavicase